Unlearn Invite-Only Executive Workshops


Effective leadership comes with a steep learning curve. When leaders begin to rely on past achievements and get stuck in outdated thinking they need to take a step back―and unlearn.

This actionable framework captured in Barry’s best selling book, Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results shows you how to recognize, let go of, move away from, and reframing once-useful mindsets and acquired behaviors that were effective in the past, but now limit your success.


In this invite-only workshop, you will:

  • Learn to use a systematic approach to adapting your behaviors and mindset in order to meet the demands of an exponential rate of innovation we face

  • Discover how to let go, reframe, and rethink past successes in order to succeed in the future

  • Identify and address the personal obstacles that you need to unlearn

  • Challenge your thinking, get outside your comfort zone, and achieve results beyond what you thought was possible.

  • Design new behaviors to help you address your most pressing challenges to achieve extraordinary results

  • Coach others, teams and organizations how to unlearn and continuously adapt in an ever-changing world

You’ll identify what you need to unlearn, what to stop, what to keep, and what to change. By intentionally and routinely applying the system of unlearning, you’ll be able to adapt your mindset, adopt new behaviors, acquire new skills, and explore new options that will totally transform your performance and the business you lead. 

Good leaders know they need to continuously learn. But great leaders know when to unlearn the past to succeed in the future. This workshop shows you the way.


This workshop is for you if you are:

  • An executive, director, or business and technology leader responsible for increasing organizational performance 

  • Keen to improve your leadership and adaptability skills

  • Involved in facilitating growth and development of your team, business unit or the entire organization

  • Coaching individuals and teams trying to achieve higher performance

  • Aiming to bring new practices, methods or mindset to your organization but struggling to achieve results

  • A leader looking to sharpen your skills, learn new models and methods and unlearn outdated ones


Many executives and entrepreneurs hang on to thinking and methods that were once useful, but may limit their future success. Apply the lessons in Unlearn and unlock the full potential in yourself, your teams, and your organization
— NOELLE EDER, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Hilton
You don’t add innovation to a business; you get out of its way. To do that, you need to unlearn all the accumulated cruft that’s slowing you down. This workshop will guide you, and in turn help you to guide others
— Adrian Cockcroft, Vice President, Amazon Web Services


These two invite-only events will be held in collaboration with Barry's official Unlearn Training Partners, Lighthouse Group and ETM Management in Melbourne on Monday November 25th and Sydney on Wednesday November 27th from 9am to 5pm at locations based in the CBD.

Individual company tables will be available for four employees at $5,000 AUD + GST per table ($3,750 USD in total)
*please note all billing will be in United States Dollars via credit card

Each event is limited to seven tables, and one table per company. Tables will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. These are Barry’s only workshops in Australia for 2019.

If you wish to secure your table for the event, please BOOK HERE


Barry O’Reilly is a business advisor, entrepreneur, and author who has pioneered the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation.

Barry works with business leaders and teams from global organizations that seek to invent the future, not fear it. Every day, Barry helps with many of the world’s leading companies, from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 behemoths, break the vicious cycles that spiral businesses toward death by enabling culture of experimentation and learning to unlock the insights required for better decision making, higher performance and results.

Barry is author of two bestsellers, Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results, and Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale—included in the Eric Ries series, and a Harvard Business Review must read for CEOs and business leaders. He is an internationally sought-after speaker, frequent writer and contributor to The Economist, Strategy+Business, and MIT Sloan Management Review.

Barry is faculty at Singularity University, advising and contributing to Singularity’s executive and accelerator programs based in San Francisco, and throughout the globe.

Barry is the founder of ExecCamp, the entrepreneurial experience for executives, and management consultancy Antennae.

His mission is to help purposeful, technology-led businesses innovate at scale.

Learn more about Barry’s work at: www.barryoreilly.com
Find out more about ExecCamp at: www.execcamp.com 
Listen and subscribe to Barry’s Unlearn Podcast at: https://barryoreilly.com/podcast/ 

See what he has to say on Twitter: @barryoreilly

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ETM is a company which specializes in delivering high impact learning to help organizations improve engagement and performance.

We are passionate educators, sense-makers, problem solvers and simplifiers.

Since ETM’s formation in 2011, we have a proven track record of providing 'best of breed’ training across a number of different areas (Agile, Lean, Creative Problem Solving, Project and Risk Management).

Our ultimate goal is always to empower our clients to deliver the best business outcomes possible, while at the same time building long lasting capability. We have a background in both ‘Traditional’ & ‘Agile & Lean’ ways of working (& thinking) which provides us with deep credibility & understanding. This helps us to bring people on this journey to establish suitable shared mindsets, and to help organizations evolve suitable ‘fit for purpose’ approaches.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of current thinking, and continuously work to build relationships (& collaborate with) people & organizations who are seen as global thought leaders, so we can provide our clients with support & advice, based on the latest best practice thinking.


Lighthouse is a Leadership and Organizational Development specialist firm, partnering with leaders to deliver business outcomes through changing behavior and improving capability.

Lighthouse offers a proven pathway to accelerate your success from A to B through:

Leading Change - Partnering with CEO’s and LT’s to lead business transformation. We work with leaders to accelerate strategy, build a high-performance culture, lead change and drive execution.

Building Capability – We customize global best practice development programs exclusively in ANZ to build Ownership and Accountability, Agility, Productivity, Collaboration, Communication and Influence.

Developing Talent - Developing high-potentials to be highly productive, with a growth mindset. We offer an innovative system to benchmark talent and empower people along a leadership pathway.